FAQ photographers pool

(We'll be accepting new photographers to the pool only in FS20, at the moment we're full.)

In order to offer our courses and services, we need capable photographers. Because the board would be too small, we create this pool of photographers to help cover events.

Who can join the photographers pool?

In short: motivated photographers. Of course we prefer students whom we've already met in our courses. However, if you already have experience and want to help, please contact us and we'll meet for a chat.

What benefits does a membership offer?

Membership in the photographers pool offers a unique opportunity to gain experience in professional photography. You can benefit from the (sometimes very large) experience of other photographers.

Photographers from the pool are requested for various assignments (events but also board portraits etc.). They can decide whether or not to accept an assignment.

They can also hold photography courses and access our professional photography equipment.

What does a photographer have to offer to stay in the pool?

Willingness to deepen their knowledge in photography. There are meetings 3-4x a year with all photographers and board members. 2-3 assignments or courses per semester. Feedback is given, on both assignments and held courses, which should be as good as possible to stay in the pool.