Information about online courses

Zoom-link for our courses:

Due to the current situation, we have decided to offer online courses. To still provide an additional value compared to YouTube videos, we will focus on the interaction with the course participants. This brings following advantages:

  • the possibility to ask questions (in both directions)
  • personal feedback on your photos
  • course speed and content can be adapted

How do we achieve this interaction? On the one hand, of course, by preparing our course instructors accordingly, knowing how to use the tools to make the most out of the online course. On the other hand, we also depend on you and your participation. If nobody asks or answers questions, then we won't know who we're dealing with. This means it will be hard to hold a lecture that provides the most for everyone. Therefore, we defined following rules / guidelines:

If you book one of our online courses:

  • activate your webcam
  • ask and reply to questions (in the video conference, the chat, or in private)
  • take the time to do the exercises between the course dates, and hand in your results
  • give feedback right away during the course, if the course is too fast- / slow-paced for you
  • be focused during the course, as if we were all sitting in a room together

This might sound a little harsh. We won't play the police. It's just important to us, that you can take away as much as possible from our courses! We are sure that these recommendations will make a big contribution to accomplishing this.

We also continue offer you the option of printing your submitted photos. What's new is that these two photos will be in the format 18 × 13, which will be sent to you after the course (Swiss address).

If you're interested to participate in more / future courses, please fill out the following questionnaire:
If you provide your e-mail address, we will keep you up to date on future courses.