About us

The Fotokommission

The Fotokommission is a commission of the VSETH and was founded on July 29th, 2019 with the following goals:

  1. Provide photography courses at ETH Zürich
  2. The mediation of photographic services between VSETH and ETH students.
  3. The provision of a photo archive within the VSETH.

During our first semester, 124 students were already able to benefit from our offers. We expect further strong growth for 2020 with over 20 planned courses during the spring semester alone.

In terms of structure / personnel, the photo commission consists of the board and the photographers pool. The board primarily takes care of administration and planning. Members of the pool are used as course instructors and take photos on our behalf for events or for the Polykum.

Our main goal is, to create an environment that offers room for growth to everyone. On the one hand, of course, to course participants, but also to course instructors, event photographers or board members. We focus on personal growth and provide a framework to gain valuable experience.

The board

Nathanael Köhler, president

Years of experience as an independent event photographer, also studies Robotics, Systems & Control in his Master
Robin Worreby, vice-president

Is currently studying for a master’s degree in Computational Science and Engineering
Chris Amevor, IT

Has already gained experience as a board member in various VSETH boards
Claudio Cannizzaro, Community

Also going for a Master's degree in Computational Science and Engineering
Caroline Germeaux, Community & Übersetzung

After a semester abroad, back to finish her Master's in Food Science
Laura Hunold, Communication

In her Bachelor's, pursuing a degree in Food Science. She calls sunrises are her favourite photo motive.

Akbar Shah, Equipment

The photographers pool

There are currently 8 photographers in our pool. As soon as we find the time, we will introduce them here.

Our motto

  • We are here to learn.
  • Motivation is important, not skill.
  • We focus on improving skills, not equipment.
  • We show technical expertise in the courses.
  • Photography is about trying out and having fun.
  • No excuses.
  • Be efficient.
  • Clear responsibilities and trust.